Established Meiji 13 year old "eel, kaiseki cuisine, catered dish"

With secret sauce and artisan's skill
Baked well
The taste of old-fashioned Grilled Barbecue

<Reservation / inquiry by telephone> 11:30~21:00(Lunch:11:30~15:00)

eel Established Meiji 13 year old "eel / kaiseki cuisine".
Please enjoy the authentic taste in a calm shop.

"Eel" that has been judged by the hands of craftsmen,
Bake roughly and steam it thoroughly,
Fat and taste I will attach it to the tangle of "secret" blended with moist, and it will be completed.

The softness that you can cut with chopsticks can melt as "soft" in your mouth!
If you taste it in a calm shop wrapped in the warmth of wood, it is also a special taste!
We are committed to "Kaiseki cuisine" as well.

You can choose according to your request
Numerous rooms with built-in history make you feel

In addition to table seats, small raising seats, there are also banquet halls on the 2nd and 3rd floors,
From small people to large people, according to the number of people and requests
We are preparing your desired room.

In addition, we also accept entertainment and various banquets,
Please feel free to contact us.

Establishment Meiji 13 YearHistory of Kaiseian

Sincerely received patronage
It celebrated our foundation 137 anniversary.

Techniques of artisans and sauces of secretsCommitment of Kaiseian

Cooked one by one carefully
Please enjoy eels and kaiseki cuisine.

Everything is settled downChoice of rooms

From small people to large people
We will prepare rooms according to your request.

Eel / Party cuisineKaiseian traditional taste

The taste of a long-established store that was born and grew up in Sendai
please enjoy.