Established Meiji 13 year old "eel, kaiseki cuisine, catered dish"

<Reservation / inquiry by telephone> 【business hours】
11: 00-20: 00 (Last order 19:30)
Closed time (weekdays/holidays) 15:00~16:30

History of Kaiseian

Since its establishment (Thanks to Meiji 13)
We have been taking care of everyone as eel for a while.

Omorian has been established since the foundation Meiji 13 year,
We are patronized as a restaurant for eel and kaiseki cuisine.

History of Kaiseian

Founding Meiji 13 Year
Founder Suzuki Shuyoshi opened in Tamazawa Yokocho. Leave the store to his wife, himself carrying the balance stick and go around the customer in Yamagata Prefecture far away. The wholesale of raw eels extends to Tohoku and six prefectures, Hokkaido.
Meiji 20
Moved from Tamazawa Yokocho to Tachimachi Street.
Showa 2
Akai Yokocho will be newly built "Kaori-an" and it will be branch office.
Showa 6
We will transfer the Tachimachi Street shop to the grandparent named Mr. UNDA who has been familiar with customers 30 years ago, and we will make Akai Yokocho store the head office.
Showa 20
Totally burned for war damage. The Tachimachi dori branch is out of business. In 12 moon, we start construction of a new store in Akai Yokocho, opened in the next year 3 month, opened.
Showa 27/12
In addition to opening the branch office east on Higashi Higashi, it will be Kaoru Ohorari Corporation.
Showa 32/12
For the construction of the head office of the Bank of 77 Bank, we will transfer the land, newly build a head office in the first east of Higashi, open it.
Showa 44/11
Opening of main building of Kaoru Ogori Co., Ltd.
Showa 46
Exhibited at the Mitsukoshi underground food shop
Showa 52/7
Exhibited at Fujisaki underground food shop
Heisei 5/7
Seeding part limited company Suzuki Foods Co., Ltd. changed its name to Kasei Foods Limited Company.